Clicker Brings You Content, When You Want It

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What is interesting about Clicker is that it provides a service and fills a need that many people didn't realize they had until today: Clicker indexes movies, TV shows and clips from Hulu, Amazon, CBS, NetFlix and a host of other known and unknown sites. It offers 400,000 full episodes of programming from more than 7,000 shows.

Its search capability is impressive, allowing users to find clips without having to view an entire interview show. For example, on the Clicker blog, CEO Jim Lanzone explained the Search Within feature: "Want to find the 60 Minutes interview with President Obama? Just search purely within the 60 Minutes catalog. Want to find episodes of Charlie Rose where he interviews Warren Buffett? Do the same!"

Clicker lets users save episodes, music videos, or movies into their playlists, as well as to subscribe to shows. When a new episode becomes available it is automatically added to subscribers' playlists. In addition, Clicker is plugged into Facebook and Twitter, where users can then share their favorites with friends.

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