Google: 3G Patch Coming For Nexus One

Google forum patch 3G

In a comment posted to the Google Nexus One forums on Monday, a Google employee, Ravi, said, "Our engineers have uncovered specific cases for which a software fix should improve connectivity to 3G for some users.

"We are testing this fix now, initial results are positive, and if everything progresses as planned, we will provide an over-the-air software update to your phone in the next week or so," Ravi wrote. "It may be, however, that users are experiencing problems as a result of being on the edge or outside of 3G coverage, which a product fix cannot address."

Problems ranging from distribution to early termination fees have dogged the Nexus One since its big unveiling in early January. Consumers have used the Nexus One forums to complain in particular about customer service; Google uses only e-mail queries and support forums to offer feedback to customers, tagging certain forums with a green "Answered" bar when a Google employee weighs in to answer a question.

Early customer-service issues have led plenty of observers to question whether Google will change its distribution strategy for Nexus One, thereby shifting some of the burden of service to, say, retailers. Reports surfaced earlier this week that Google might be preparing Nexus One to be sold at Walmart, following the appearance of a Nexus One page on the wireless section of Walmart's Web site indicated Nexus One was "coming soon."

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Google moved quickly to squash those rumors, however. A spokesperson told PC World and other news outlets Tuesday that Google didn't have any plans to sell Nexus One through Walmart, and the original product page flagged by hawk-eyed users in the Android Community has since been taken down.