Google Nexus One Improvements Include 3G Connectivity


The new features are available through an over-the-air software update, according to a blog post by the company. In addition, the update provides a general fix to improve 3G connectivity on some Nexus One phones, according to Google.

The Google Goggles application lets users take a photo that can then be used as a search entry. The app was introduced last December and is available on phones running the Android 1.6 operating system.

Google Maps 3.4 includes starred items synchronized with, which allows you to access your favorite places. Also, search suggestions from your personal history are now synched to the mobile version.

Finally, pinch-to-zoom functionality is now available for the phones, browser, Gallery and Maps applications, according to Google.

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The update is being rolled out to Nexus One users over the next week, according to Google.

Nexus One users have complained about the phone's 3G coverage, so improvement there is likely to be welcome news.

Last week, a company blog post noted, "Our engineers have uncovered specific cases for which a software fix should improve connectivity to 3G for some users. It may be, however, that users are experiencing problems as a result of being on the edge or outside of 3G coverage, which a product fix cannot address."