Twitter Tweets Up, But Signing New Users May Be Down

The social networking site reports today in its blog that the number of tweets per day has grown astronomically since the service's inception in 2007. Back then, there were roughly 5,000 tweets daily.

"By 2008, that number was 300,000, and by 2009 it had grown to 2.5 million per day," according to the blog written by Twitter analytics lead Kevin Weil. "Tweets grew 1,400 percent last year to 35 million per day. Today, we are seeing 50 million tweets per day -- that's an average of 600 tweets per second."

The blog is something of a rebuttal to a recent report from Web analytics company HubSpot that said Twittter's growth rate dropped to 3.5 percent in October compared with 13 percent back in March 2009. The data also seems to suggest that established users are beefing up their use of the site.

According to HubSpot's blog: "While Twitter's tweet-count data shows strong growth, third-party data on other Twitter metrics shows slowing growth. HubSpot's recent State of the Twittersphere report showed user signup growth slowing, while and Quantcast both show growth of traffic on slowing."

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