AirMagnet Updates WLAN Tools For Faster Troubleshooting

The problem with most wireless LAN troubleshooting tools is that the data they collect doesn't translate into faster or more accurate site surveys. That's precisely the challenge AirMagnet plans to tackle through two new releases: updated versions of its AirMagnet Survey PRO offering and AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer that were announced Tuesday.

Both products offer AirMagnet's multi-adapter solution for designing and troubleshooting WLANs, meaning they can collect network data and translate it to software that lets users better understand where problem areas lie. That will become more important now that Wi-Fi has moved beyond the level of convenience technology and WLANs are employed for mission-critical applications, said Dilip Advani, product manager for AirMagnet Mobile Solutions.

AirMagnet Survey PRO, including a Planner module, allows organizations to perform multiple surveys simultaneously, which not only reduces the time spent by the solution provider, Advani noted, but also increases what the solution provider can charge for survey services, given that they're completing more work than before. Survey PRO 8 can perform both active and passive surveys.

The big hook for AirMagnet WiFI Analyzer PRO is its roaming analysis capability, which lets users monitor any and all clients that are roaming in the network, and offer data on how they're roaming, where they're roaming and how the roaming events are affecting wireless performance.

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The Analyzer also offers a one-click "connection audit," through which users can verify both connectivity and application performance of a particular connection on the spot, as well as view the top issues occurring on the network, displayed on a dashboard.

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Both products also now include support for 64-bit OS on Windows 7 PCs using any of the supported 802.11n a/b/g/n USB adapters. They're both available now and are priced at $3,995 each.

AirMagnet has continued to grow its channel presence more than a year after being acquired by Fluke Networks. According to Advani, much of its ongoing VAR recruitment is coming in solution providers who focus on security, health care, PCI compliance and general infrastructure, and are looking to build out their wireless capabilities.