Grandstream Rebate Program Targets VoIP VARs, Agents

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In a nutshell, Grandstream, based in Brookline, Mass., will provide instant rebates for VARs and agents that buy Grandstream's GXP endpoints through specific distributors like NetX USA, ABP Tech.

The goal is to create a channel and financial incentive for partners to sell Grandstream, but to keep the hassle of certification and revenue requirements out of it, said Khris Kendrick, senior director of business development.

"We never had a coordinated effort in the past to bring in VARs that would strengthen a channel, and we'd all agree that the way you strengthen the channel is to provide partners incentives down the value chain," Kendrick told CRN this week. "We're targeted the value-added distributors that have the skills and the means to deliver to help customers scale."

3CX, based in Duluth, Ga., and a maker of software-based VoIP phones itself, is one of Grandstream's first reseller sign-ons. 3CX CEO Nick Galea said it was an important step for the company in providing favorable terms for prospective channel partners.

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"Grandstream's program will allow resellers to create an additional stream of revenue without having to achieve any specific performance or growth-oriented levels typical of many manufacturer reseller programs," said Galea in a statement.

Grandstream continues to expand its line of GXP series phones and SIP endpoints, which the company targets for SMBs but also enterprise customers, too. Video surveillance products are another focus, and a growing line of business.

Heading into the new year, Kendrick said, Grandstream will home in on building loyalty in its emerging base of partners.

"We're not looking for individuals that call in and say, oh, I need two phones because I'm doing a deal at the local law firm," Kendrick said. "We want the people who carry us, who understand what SIP phones are and what the competition's like out there, and who are established VARs and agents with pools of customers."