Juniper Adds Edge Routers With Focus On WAN Scalability


The products, collectively known as Juniper Universal WAN, are also Juniper's latest challenge to a key Cisco product area, in this case enterprise edge routers. They include three new MX Series 3D routers to fill out Juniper's existing portfolio: the MX5, a 20 Gbps router, the MX10, a 40 Gbps router and the MX40, a 60 Gbps router. All three include non-Ethernet modular line cards with two clear channel and channelized options at different optical carrier transmission rates, including OC3, OC12 and OC48. Each router can also scale up to the full functionality of Juniper's existing MX80 with software upgrades, according to Juniper, letting companies add throughput according to their needs on a "pay as you grow" basis.

That's crucial for customers facing WAN infrastructure upgrades, sad Alan Sardella, product marketing manager for Juniper's Platform Systems Group.

"We're really serious about going after this portion of the enterprise, and a lot of technologies that we've had for years are becoming more front and center," Sardella told CRN. "In the enterprise WAN, it's a great refresh time because of this great wash of traffic, and long-in-the-tooth existing systems can now be replaced by higher quality systems at good price points."

Juniper's SRX services gateways have also seen an upgrade, with the SRX100, SRX650 and SRX200 lines all now updated for branch routing. Both the new MX routers and SRX gateways are also outfitted with software called Junos Space Service Now for automating various technical support functions. The routers also include J-Web, an application for managing the branch devices with what Juniper says is fewer onsite support requirements.

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Shipments for Universal WAN will begin in the third quarter, according to Juniper. The SRX gateways, as well as Juniper's previous MX80, MX240, MX480 and MX960 routers, are currently available.

Juniper on Monday also confirmed availability of a series of download-able "Day One how-to" books for helping customers configure and manage their networks with Juniper products. The books include Junos fundamentals, Juniper fabric and switching, and other topics.