Digium 'Extremely Disappointed' With Skype Asterisk Decision


Digium does understand the decision, however, said Mark Amick, director of product management for Digium.

"Skype for Asterisk is an extremely popular solution for Asterisk-based PBXs and while Digium is extremely disappointed by Skype's decision to terminate the contract which allows for Skype for Asterisk, we understand that they have changing business models," Amick said in an e-mail to CRN. "We are grateful that they have decide to provide support to Skype for Asterisk customers for two years from the date of the last sale."

Amick added that as part of a contractual agreement with Skype, neither party can comment on the relationship without the consent of the other.

Digium confirmed Skype's choice not to renew the agreement in a widely circulated memo from its product management team earlier this week. According to Digium, Skype for Asterisk sales and activations will cease on July 26, through Skype will continue to support and maintain Skype for Asterisk for two years.

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Skype's decision to not renew its integration agreement with Asterisk -- in which proprietary Skype software is used to turn Asterisk into a native client for the Skype network -- was made several months ago, according to Skype. It's also all about Skype's focus on Skype Connect, an updated version of the former Skype for SIP that allows users to connect Skype to their existing PBX systems to make outbound and receive inbound Skype communications.

"Skype made the decision to retire Skype for Asterisk several months ago, as we have prioritized our focus around implementing the IETF SIP standard in our Skype Connect solution," said Jennifer Caukin, a spokesperson for Skype, in an e-mail to CRN. "SIP enjoys the broadest support of any of the available signaling alternatives by business communications equipment vendors, including Digium."

Skype, which is being acquired by Microsoft for $8.5 billion, is looking to focus less on particular platforms than its wider potential for SIP integration, she said. Skype Connect is certified to work with a range of PBX and UC systems from Cisco, Avaya, ShoreTel and other vendors.

"By supporting SIP in favor of alternatives, we maximize our resources and continue to reinforce our commitment to delivering Skype on key platforms where we can meet the broadest consumer demand," Caukin said.