Megapath Offers Cleaner Pipes, More Bandwith with Managed Security Upgrade

managed security services

The subscription-based solution, targeted for small, medium, and large businesses, works similar to desktop-based antivirus solutions by identifying and blocking malicious signatures. But the Megapath security solution moves that same protection out to the network edge, keeping potential threats from reaching the network.

“Traditionally, if you had a CPE-based device that was running antivirus protection, that device would stop the viruses, but it would not prevent those viruses from potentially saturating that last mile connection,” said S.L. Sweet, MegaPath's director of product management. “By blocking the viruses out at the edge of the network, we’re 'cleaning the pipe,' promoting availability and minimizing the risk of malicious content.”

Sweet said that results in a flow of clean data and greater overall network efficiency.

As part of the enhancement to Megapath’s security services, customers will receive weekly and monthly reports including statistics on top viruses detected based on source and destination, firewall logs, IPS alerts and most denied address destinations, based on content filtering options.

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The SaaS solution is managed by the customer via a web portal, and is available to all customers utilizing Megapath’s on net footprint.

The service is available for channel partners to sell, Sweet said, and is a value-add to Megapath’s DIA product line.

“The beauty is it’s fully automated, so there’s no manual steps required to set the service up, so when the circuits are delivered the service is enabled by default,” Sweet said.