Huawei Teams With Synnex For All-Out U.S. Channel Offensive

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There's plenty of room for Huawei to compete against Cisco and all other networking challengers, said Bill Plummer, Huawei's vice president of external affairs.

"There's a thirst for new and competitive alternatives to what has been offered for the last 10 years, and we can leverage our global scope and scale to offer that," Plummer said. "We have 65,000 employees in R&D. We have more people in R&D than Cisco has employed. [Synnex] is a great partnership to help us meet the demand."

"There's plenty of market out there for someone like Huawei," Synnex's Larocque said. "They have a very solid lineup of goods. This is a very significant company with a huge amount of R&D and tons of customers globally that they do business with. A lot of people on the solution provider side will like the product story, completeness and innovation they can bring."

Cisco's recent saber-rattling against Huawei -- Cisco Executive Vice President Rob Lloyd recently painted the company as untrustworthy for partnering -- is "puzzling," said Plummer.

"Competition drives more innovation and alternative products," Plummer said. "Frankly, that's the environment in which Cisco initially succeeded, but now it's having a difficult time maintaining its position in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Most everyone would be better served if we just compete on the merits of our solutions, and not have to be distracted with all this rhetorical business."

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