Samsung, Qualcomm Form New Wireless Charging Venture

According to the Alliance’s web site, these new wireless charging technologies will apply to a broad range of electronic devices, and will afford users the "spatial freedom" to charge them from cable-free stations embedded in objects like tables or cars. Wireless charging technologies exist on the market today, but the Alliance said these products tend to be too rigid and "cumbersome."

"Wireless power offering spatial freedom is the way of the future, providing a more adaptable approach to the user charging experience," the organization writes. "The concept has the potential to take cable-free charging from cumbersome sleeves and mats, instead, embedding charging surfaces in furniture, machines and vehicles."

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The Alliance said its new wireless charging platforms will be able to power multiple devices simultaneously. This, it explained, will be achieved through the development of a single set of specifications flexible enough to support wireless charging for low-power products, like Bluetooth headsets, along with more power-hungry gadgets, like high-end tablets.

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In addition to product development and testing, the Alliance said it hopes to create global standards and compliance policies for the wireless charging industry.

Research firm Global Information, Inc. published a report in April projecting the global wireless charging market to grow from $456.86 million to $7.161 billion by 2017. It outlined a number of potential outlets for embedded wireless charging technologies as they continue to advance, including restaurants, movie theaters, and airports. It said universities including Stanford and Clemson are also researching the field.

Other companies joining Samsung and Qualcomm to form the Alliance for Wireless Power include Duracell-Powermat, SK Telecom, Peiker Acustic GmbH, Gill Industries and Ever Win International Corporation. The Alliance said it is are looking add more partners to the line-up, especially device and chip manufacturers, mobile operators, and automotive and furniture companies.

The Alliance will officially launch Tuesday at the CTIA Wireless event in New Orleans.