DHS Recognizes Four Technologies

"We at the Department of Homeland Security are thrilled to grant Designation and Certification for these technologies as effective tools in the fight against terrorism," Dr. Charles E. McQueary, Undersecretary for Science and Technology at the DHS, was quoted as saying. "This announcement illustrates that this legislation, and the process to implement it, are working to support businesses that develop technologies to protect the American people."

The four antiterrorism technologies for which Designation and Certification were granted are:

Lockheed Martin Risk Assessment Platform, which is an integrated computer system that provides near real-time, event-driven terrorism-threat analysis, allowing the focus of resources on the most imminent threats and greatest risks.

Michael Stapleton Associates SmartTech System and Explosion Detection Services, a two-way, high-speed video/audio system designed to allow off-site bomb technicians to support clients in X-ray screening of items for explosives and hazardous materials.

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Northrop Grumman Biohazard Detection System, which was selected by the U.S. Postal Service to rapidly analyze environmental samples and detect potential biological threats at postal-service, mail-sorting facilities nationwide.

Teledyne Brown Engineering WaterSabre, which is a remotely operated, ultra-high-pressure water jet-cutting system designed to investigate and aid in the neutralization of explosive devices.

The Office of SAFETY Act Implementation, which opened in October 2003, has received 91 preapplications and 19 full applications for SAFETY Act Designation and Certification.