Bluesocket Adds Intrusion Protection, RF Monitoring

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The BlueSecure Intrusion Protection System includes the BlueSecure Server, which works with the BlueSecure RF Sensor, an 802.11 a/b/g listening device. The line provides IT administrators with new tools to monitor user activities, neighboring WLANs, rogue or unauthorized access points and other unauthorized network access.

Bluesocket's new products follow up an evolving line of Wireless Gateways aimed at providing an open-systems approach to the management and security of Wi-Fi networks.

John Vedrody, executive vice president at MCPc, a Cleveland-based solution provider, said his company has been selling Bluesocket's Wireless Gateways for two years. Successful deployments, he said, include hospitals and college campuses. Vedrody applauded the new offerings as a good way to bolster sales into existing customers and compete for new business.

"[The new BlueSecure products] makes the IT administrator's decision whether to deploy the [Bluesocket] solution a lot easier," said Vedrody. "The Wireless Gateway did a good job but still basically had a hole because it didn't cover intrusion."

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BlueSecure, said Vedrody, rounds out the company's product line and makes it easier for solution providers such as MCPc to sell one complete WLAN management and security solution package. The BlueSecure Intrusion Protection System is slated to ship in August. Priced separately, the BlueSecure Server starts at $2,995 and the 802.11a/b/g Sensor starts at $695. Wireless Gateway and BlueSecure System bundles, also set to become available in August, are expected to be priced starting at $7,750, according to Bluesocket.