NWN: The Time Has Come For Hosted Collaboration

In an interview with CRN, NWN President and CEO Mont Phelps said two things have occurred to make hosted collaboration a viable solution: the viability of the technology, and compelling financial incentives for prospective customers. The technology has matured, he said, thanks to new products from vendors such as Cisco, and now businesses are seeing cost savings with unified communications and collaboration platforms.

Phelps said at its core, NWN is a managed services company; hosted collaboration, therefore, is a natural fit and "bolts on" to NWN's existing managed services offerings. Phelps added that one of NWN's first hosted collaboration customers was the city of Charlotte, N.C., which wanted to improve its unified communications capabilities in advance of the Democratic National Convention this summer.

For more on NWN's hosted collaboration practice and its partnership with Cisco, watch the full video interview with Phelps.

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