Digium Asterisk, Switchvox, IP Phones: All Talk, Lots Of Action

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Switchvox doesn't win the day in every customer situation, but its flexibility and affordability allow it to compete with Cisco, Avaya, ShoreTel and other systems.

Dynamics' Watt said one thing that really appeals to customers is that the price of the Switchvox system doesn't skyrocket when new features are needed or the VoIP system needs to be integrated with a database, as in, say, a Cisco system. It also offers good flexibility for both Windows and Mac-based systems as well as a range of mobile devices, he said.

"Cisco's got a great name, but the complexity, with all the licensing and options, is enough to make your brain hurt," he said. "Our largest customer is probably 400 to 450 endpoints. Every phone system out there has its strengths and weaknesses but Switchvox has so many good things, and there are more good things always coming."

Digium is still held back by brand recognition and the occasional customer resistance to open-source technology, Watt said, but the company has done a better job in the past year especially at marketing itself and capitalizing on its good notices.

"Their support has been good," he said. "The engagement has been good and I know I can get the person I need at Digium when I need them. The Digium ecosystem is healthy and alive."


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