Cloud, Services And SDN: Juniper Networks' New Americas Channel Chief Outlines 2013 Goals

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In addition to tighter alignment between solution providers and the company's internal sales team, Juniper's Jones said he hopes to drive more of Juniper's professional services and cloud offerings through the channel. To that end, Jones confirmed that Juniper will be launching the Juniper Partner Advantage Services program and Juniper Partner Advantage Cloud program in the third quarter of this year.

On the services end, the Juniper Partner Advantage Services program will include two partner specializations: Partner Support Services and Partner Professional Services. The Support Services specialization will focus on maintenance services, and Juniper plans to offer four new services troubleshooting workshops -- including service provider routing, enterprise routing, enterprise switching and security -- later this year.

Meanwhile, the Juniper Partner Advantage Cloud program will offer partners training, marketing, financing and rewards incentives to sell cloud capabilities specific to Juniper and its technology partners.

Jones said services and cloud offerings were a major focus at Juniper's recent JPAC event, as partners look to transition their businesses to next-generation business models, based on recurring revenue streams.

"This whole concept of managed services, cloud services, and tying them to monthly recurring revenue -- all of our partners are interested in this," Jones said.

Looking at Juniper's partner base, Jones said all partners are thinking about making the leap to recurring revenue, with most "aggressively pursuing" a plan. He said Juniper will roll out a number of components, alongside its third-quarter launch of the new services and cloud programs, meant to help partners making this transition.

TorreyPoint's Young said, given his company's focus on managed services -- and its growing focus on technologies like the cloud and software-defined networking (SDN) -- it's nice to see Juniper aligning itself with these same trends.

"For us, it's all about services and recurring revenue, and the cloud is a huge component of that," Young said.

Lastly, Jones said he wants to help both Juniper and its channel become a force in the SDN space. At its Global Partner Conference in January, Juniper outlined a four-step strategy for SDN and launched its new SDN-focused controller earlier this month.

Moving forward, Jones said Juniper will start investing more in partners that are actively building SDN and cloud strategies. Jones said Juniper will specifically focus on partners that are building out a full Juniper practice around these technologies, meaning those that are wrapping services around Juniper's products.

"We feel like we've got a very, very strong story in the marketplace, and for the partners that are energized around ... cloud-based services and an SDN plan, those are the partners we want to engage very closely with and invest in," Jones said.


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