Juniper And Guavus Join Forces, Create New Network Analytics Suite

Juniper Networks is teaming up with big data analytics provider Guavus to launch a new suite of network intelligence tools targeted at service providers and network architects.

The new family of products, called the Junos Network Analytics suite, marries Guavus' big data-focused graphs and dashboards with Juniper's network-monitoring capabilities to give service providers better visibility into traffic patterns across their IP or Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) networks.

According to Juniper, the proliferation of cloud applications and mobile devices is putting more strain on the network than ever before, meaning service providers need new ways to monitor traffic flows and ensure optimal performance.

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"It's no secret that service provider networks transport a lot of data, and it's growing every day," Robert Krohn, senior vice president of Juniper's Edge Software Business, wrote in a blog post. "What may not be immediately obvious is how much data service provider networks generate. Every flow on the network, every customer, and every event -- these are all data points, and important things for a network operator to understand."

Krohn said global IP backbones can create more than 20 billion records per day, amounting to over 1 TB of raw disk a day.

"That means processing and analyzing that data, and then presenting insight in a timely fashion is no small feat," Krohn wrote. "In fact until recently, it was nearly impossible."

NEXT: BizReflex And NetReflex

The first two products in Junos Network Analytics suite are BizReflex, a network analytics engine and dashboarding tool, and NetReflex, which provides insight into traffic trends across IP and MPLS networks.

With BixReflex, Juniper said service providers can use a dashboard to better understand how customers are interacting with their networks, and perform analysis on both edge and core routers. BizReflex is targeted largely at service provider "decision makers," Juniper said, who can segment customers based on their interactions with the networks, and then price their services based on that information.

The second tool, NetReflex, is aimed more at network architects, who can use the solution to analyze traffic patterns, down to a link or interface level. Using that information, network architects can see where network capacity is the largest, and reroute traffic accordingly.

Juniper's Krohn said the new Junos Network Analytics suite will help Juniper partners better target customers who are starting to invest in big data solutions.

"Junos Network Analytics suite, a family of next-generation big data analytics and network intelligence solutions, provides new opportunities for partners to offer more competitive and complete networking solutions as they target customers looking to invest in big data solutions," Krohn said in an emailed statement to CRN. "Junos Network Analytics suite allows partners access to new software products that differentiate their offerings, in addition to the opportunity to provide management services that increase the revenue potential for partners."

While the Junos Network Analytics suite is targeted largely at service providers rather than the enterprise, Juniper has a subset of its Partner Advantage program that allows partners to earn a Service Provider Infrastructure Partner specialization.