Huawei Enterprise Shows US Channel Partners Its Channel, Product Strength

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During his demonstration, Huawei's Tang and his colleagues showed LTE handsets with built-in LCD screens and cameras so that multiple users could pass real-time video to each other, making it an ideal solution for first-time and follow-up responders.

At one point in the demonstration, one of the handsets was placed in a bowl of water from which it continued to send real-time video.

Netfast's Haque said he sees Huawei's 2U portable eLTE solution as being ideal for both fast, temporary wireless deployment and deployment where other wireless solutions are not suitable.

"We have an enterprise client with about 270,000 acres of land connecting Northern and Southern California," he said. "We built their wireless infrastructure. But, how do you light up mountainous areas? You can use a microwave solution if you build new towers. Or, you can use eLTE to build the services."

Netfast also deals with contractors who go to bridge or tunnel sites with low or no wireless coverage, and Huawei's portable eLTE solution would probably work well there, Haque said. "And if the U.S. ever gets over its security concerns about Huawei, this could be a good solution for government and military customers."


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