SDN Startup Embrane Signs First Partner: World Wide Technology

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Embrane describes Heleos, which launched in December 2011, as a "multiservice, distributed software platform" for powering SDN services, including server load balancers, firewalls, VPN termination and SSL offload. The platform, according to Embrane, is designed for both service providers and enterprise organizations looking to build out private, hybrid or public cloud environments within their data centers.

New in the release of Heleos 2.2 is a technology Embrane called vTopologies, or Layer 3 overlay networks, that allow users to completely mask internal IP addressing from the underlay network. When coupled with Embrane's Elastic Services Manager (ESM), vTopologies allows each application to have its own, dedicated network "container," or its own set of virtual network appliances, including load balancers, firewalls and VPNs.

As a result, Malagrino said, every application has its own set of virtual network resources, rather than having to share them with other applications. This, in turn, optimizes that application's performance.

"You tie the network to the application in a much more significant way, and keep that network specific to the application," Malagrino said. "Each app has its own source of firewalls, for example, and its own set of local policies."

Also new in Heleos 2.2 are vLinks, which essentially tie these isolated application environments together so they can be centrally managed, along with support for IPv6 and interoperability with VMware vCenter.

Heleos runs on standard x86 servers and leverages off-the-shelf virtualization technology from any hypervisor vendor, according to Embrane.

Malagrino said the interest in Heleos has taken off, without disclosing specific sales figures. "I can tell you that we are already in the double-digit customer zone and have been for a while," he told CRN. "We have gotten very significant traction in the market."

Embrane customers today include Ryan Labs Asset Management, SunGard and Peer 1 Hosting.


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