Motorola Adds Industrial Mobile Computing Arm To PartnerEmpower

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Motorola has been continually reshaping its channel, and PartnerEmpower, since its split from Motorola Mobility -- the other organization making up the former Motorola -- in January 2011. Most partners, including Bissonnette, have embraced these changes, all of which they say show signs of Motorola's tighter channel focus.

"With [PartnerEmpower] came a lot of really substantial process improvements," Bissonnette told CRN. "It's really encouraged partners to invest further in the Motorola relationship."

One example of these improvements is Motorola's new Power of a Partner Campaign, a marketing initiative meant to help both partners and Motorola better communicate the value of a solution provider to end customers.

The company also has been formalizing its deal registration process, something partners were especially vocal about wanting after the Motorola split.

"We've rolled it out almost worldwide, but North America was an early leader in deal registration. We've had a great uptake in that," Larimer said. "Since we launched the program last year, we have seen a seven-fold increase in opportunities that were closed in one deal registration."

Bissonnette said deal registration fine-tuning has been one of the most significant improvements made to PartnerEmpower. In addition to extending the shelf life of a registered deal beyond the usual 90 days, Motorola also is offering stackable incentives for software application providers, which, as an application developer, Bissonnette can now tap into.

"I think the biggest things [Motorola has] done is standardized the deal registration process," Bissonnette said. "It started off as a certain percentage for certain partners, and they've become more generous with that discount over time, recognizing the value a partner really brought to the table."


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