Aryaka Lifts Curtain On Cloud Network-As-A-Service Offering

According to the WAN optimization startup, its new cloud network-as-a-service arms enterprise users with a dedicated and low-latency network that helps guarantee high performance of cloud-based services, regardless of where they are hosted. Aryaka touts the service as an alternative for enterprise users, especially those working remotely or located at branch offices far from their company's data centers, who have to compete for public Internet bandwidth, or invest in costly MPLS links, to access cloud-based services.

"This cloud network-as-a-service is seamless access to cloud services or cloud service delivery to end users," said Sonal Puri, vice president, marketing and sales at Aryaka. "There is nobody else in the world that is doing something like this. The new need in the market is to access to the cloud, and that's what we are providing."

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The cloud network service, like Aryaka's WAN optimization-as-a-service and application delivery-as-a-service offerings, works by Aryaka connecting users to its geographically closest point-of-presence in order to streamline user-to-application requests and ensure they are secure. Aryaka said these services are supported by its global network of 25 data centers.

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Access to Aryaka's private network of points-of-presence and the dedicated links it provides make capabilities such as data deduplication and TCP optimization perform as well for users as they would when being accessed from a LAN, according to the company.

Puri said each of these points-of-presence also runs a full-featured optimization software stack, eliminating the need for users to have a separate WAN optimization appliance.

Aryaka, founded in 2008 and based in Milpitas, Calif., launched a formal partner program in 2011 to start selling its services offerings through the channel. Puri said Aryaka today has roughly 30 reseller partners worldwide, many of which are drawn to Aryaka cloud-based services as a way to move beyond traditional hardware-based appliance sales.

"Some of [Aryaka's partners] are your traditional VARs or distributors that are seeing the world of cloud, and they're realizing that having a subscription-based model versus selling a box once and then never seeing any more revenue from it is probably the better way for the future," Puri told CRN.