Avnet Brings Polycom Technical Assistance Services To Partners

Avnet has been distributing Polycom products since 2012. The addition of Polycom maintenance support will bring flexibility to partners, said Scott Delaney, vice president of business development at Avnet.

"It brings the flexibility that comes with it, ...combining the support with other things needed down the road," said Delaney. "It expands our ability to support partners more effectively, pre-sales and post-sales, in terms of delivering customer experience."

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Phoenix, Ariz.-based Avnet will offer two levels of technical assistance support for Polycom's RealPresence services. While level one will center on aspects of customer service, the other will focus on analyzing problems for technical issues and developing solutions for customers via the phone, said Delaney.

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Polycom plays an "integral part," Avnet said, in delivering the voice and video parts of that collaboration environment. "Partners will have some choices in terms of investments, whether they want to try to invest into this specialization on their own and how they build their Polycom practice."

According to Delaney, in addition to support, a lab associated with the assistance center was developed for technicians to replicate issues directly on hardware and software.

Alicia Heaton, director of software sales at Deerfield, Ill.-based Meridian IT, an Avnet partner, said the addition of Polycom technical support will benefit Meridian's customers.

"Avnet's additional capabilities around Polycom technical services give Meridian tremendous depth and breadth across our Polycom offerings," said Heaton. "We are poised to bring end-to-end solutions and services for our customers and we're excited for deep technical expertise and support from a world-class organization like Avnet."

Delaney said, Avnet will continue to support the Polycom product line for channel partners and expand to other vendor partners to leverage additional technical support efforts in the near future.

"This is a good platform of our relationship with Polycom," said Delaney. "As part of getting the real presence service specialization, they have come to train us, audit our operations, and we'd like to continue to expand in the future of hiring other vendors to diagnose and treat problems."