Partners See Widening Cisco-VMware Rift

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Lumenate's Shepard complimented Cisco CEO John Chambers for what he called another "absolutely brilliant move" with the introduction of application-centric infrastructure to dominate the data center.

"Chambers has made all the right moves," said Shepard. "Today, Cisco works with all major hardware vendors including EMC, NetApp and HP to gain UCS adoption in the data center. UCS is now the standard in a lot of application compute models. That took place in just three short years. That is unheard of. Chambers then took it to another level when Cisco acquired Composite Software to focus on data virtualization, which brings you higher up the stack. And now the new Application Centric Infrastructure strategy is one where Cisco is taking both software-defined and hardware-defined networking to a higher level to directly address application requirements. This is synonymous with the definition of a scalable, flexible agile private cloud strategy."

Darin Haines, chief technology officer and senior vice president of consulting services for MCPc, No 89 on the SP500 with $262 million in annual sales, said he sees a tremendous opportunity for MCPc to leverage its Anyplace Workspace solutions aimed at allowing customers to get their applications from the desktop to the smartphone in the most efficient manner.

"We are incredibly excited," said Haines. "We have been waiting for a while to see what Cisco's response would be to software-defined networking, and now we know it is right in line with our MCPc vision of the Anyplace Workspace. Like the Anyplace Workspace, Cisco ACI with the Nexus 9000 is all about being able to deliver applications in the most efficient manner possible."

Cisco is combining software-defined networking with the physical infrastructure in the form of the Nexus 9000 switch, which Cisco and partners are touting as a means of providing a safe path to software-defined networking, said Haines. "That is going to be a tremendous opportunity for us," he said. "As we talk to clients about the Nexus 9000, it's a great opportunity to provide true investment protection to our joint clients."

Haines sees the Nexus 9000 combined with Cisco ACI as the next big game changer for Cisco partners. "As the competitors have been out there formulating and going to market with SDN, Cisco has been quietly taking the legacy they have built from a networking perspective and have quietly dissected and put together what true SDN means. I agree with John Chambers. At the end of the day, this is going to be the foundational platform that can carry our joint clients for the next decade."

Kevin McLaughlin contributed to this story.


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