Special Wallpaper Deters WLAN Intruders, 'Wardriving'

wireless LAN "wardriving"

An article posted on NewScientist.com describes the special wallpaper developed by BAE Systems, which has what the company calls a Frequency Selective Surface (FSS). FSS, which also used to hide radar signals on naval vessels, can be set to let only precise frequencies through while blocking all others.

Practically, that means that WLAN radio signals can be kept inside while letting cell phone signals out, according to the article.

The wallpaper is made from a one-millimeter sheet of kapton, the material used for circuit boards on small mobile devices, according to the article. The kapton is coated with a thin layer of copper. The wallpaper works in all frequency ranges used by Wi-Fi equipment, according to the article.

The system can be switched off to let signals in during an emergency, according to the article. The wallpaper costs about 500 British pounds per square meter and the article said that BAE is working on similar protection for windows.

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