Securematics Eyes Growth In SMB Networking Distribution

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After more than 10 years as a niche networking distributor, Securematics is looking to rise to the next level this year.

With an emphasis around Juniper Networks and Dell SonicWall products, Securematics' small size and niche focus on networking has differentiated the Santa Clara, Calif.-based distributor, said Brian Vincik, vice president and general manager. The company was recently named as Juniper's Distributor of the Year for the Americas, and now the company is hoping to grow the business and add new vendors without straying from its core competency in SMB networking and its personal touch for solution provider customers. CRN spoke with Vincik about how the distributor differentiates itself from larger competitors, and where it sees the networking and distribution markets going this year. Here are excerpts from the conversation.

As a networking distributor, what are your core focus areas?
As a networking distributor, we specialize in the Juniper ecosystem for commercial enterprise and federal service provider businesses. We specialize in Dell SonicWall for smaller VARs that deploy many devices. For our clients, through Juniper, we provide networking, router and switches. Through Dell SonicWall, we provide networking and security.

What are you seeing around networking, and networking security, today?
We hear a lot about [software defined networking] SDN, and cloud-based solutions. Clearly, there are merging technologies and platforms, [but] we still see the traditional switching and routing of our business growing at a healthy pace. Some platforms are not quite ready for prime time. There are some great concepts and ideas on how to make things more cloud-based and virtual, but they are just not dominant.

Is networking security a key area for you? Is it a growing part of the business?
It certainly is. With all the visibility with what's happened with Target, there is a heightened awareness around security. The government talks about the next warfare as hackers breaking in and hacking into systems. So it's a growing business and on top of everybody's minds.

What are your VARs asking for today as a distributor?
We like to say we're in the business of solving business problems. That's where we start, because for a lot of distributors, the perception is that they pick, pack and ship. For us, we try to understand more about a customer's business -- what problems they are trying to solve -- and it varies for VARs. Obviously, if you can't provide product and financing, those are table stakes. We're in the business of carrying inventory and understanding lead times, so we're doing a lot of work in the background to make sure we have it for them. We carry $50 million of inventory and order it early, just to have it for them. Because of that, we have to be very careful on what we buy because we have to pay interest on it, so we try to figure out and ask beforehand what a reseller partner needs.

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