New EnGenius Managed Wi-Fi Platform Drives Services Opportunities For Partners

Long-range wireless specialist EnGenius Technologies unveiled Monday a wireless management platform it said will drive new services opportunities for partners.

The platform, called the Neutron Series Wireless Management Solution, includes a new line of EnGenius wireless switches, access points and management software that lets IT managers or EnGenius resellers remotely deploy, monitor and manage wireless infrastructures.

The EnGenius Wireless Management Solution includes three new EnGenius switches -- the 8-port EWS5912FP, 24-port EWS7928P and 48-port EWS7952FP -- all of which are Gigabit PoE+ and come with built-in EnGenius management software.

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The software can be used to manage three new EnGenius access points: the dual-band AC1750, N900 and N600. All three APs are designed for indoor use, but EnGenius said it will roll out outdoor APs for the platform in May.

According to EnGenuis, the software offers an easy-to-use, browser-based interface from which IT managers or solution providers can remotely configure EnGenius APs, control network bandwidth and dynamically adjust wireless coverage throughout a facility. The software also includes visual topology tools that let users upload their floor plans to better map out where additional APs might be needed.

EnGenius said the software on its 8-port EWS5912FP switch can be used to manage 20 APs, while the 24-port EWS7928P and 48-port EWS7952FP can manage up to 50.

Unlike many of the wireless management platforms offered by its competitors, EnGenius said that the Neutron Series Wireless Management Solution does not require customers to pay an ongoing subscription fee for use of the software. EnGenius, in addition, isn't charging customers any licensing fees for ongoing maintenance on the switches or APs, something the company said would benefit its partners.

"What that does is allows resellers, then, to establish their own services agreements and services contracts based on whatever solution they want to deploy for their customers," said Brian Watt, product marketing manager at EnGenius.

Michael Stern, president of Total Business Systems, a Jacksonville, Fla.-based solution provider and EnGenius partner, said he sees the new Neutron Series Wireless Management Solution as a great way to broaden Total Business Systems' managed services portfolio.

"It's opening up a new door. Just in the last six months we have really started to focus on remote managed services," Stern told CRN. "So, with that, EnGenius fits right in with what we are doing."

Stern said Total Business Systems already provides managed services around some of EnGenius' wired solutions, so the new Neutron platform will give his company the chance to revisit existing clients and offer additional services around their wireless infrastructures.

"It's definitely a win-win for us," he said.

EnGenius is offering a "Try And Buy" program for solution providers, allowing partners to try the new Neutron Series Wireless Management Solution free of charge for 30 days. Through the program, which runs through March, partners can purchase unlimited amounts of EnGenius' new Neutron wireless switches and APs, and then, at the end of the 30-day period, choose whether to return the products or buy them at a discounted price.

Costa Mesa, Calif.-based EnGenius said it has roughly 3,000 solution provider partners in the U.S. today. Since revamping its EnPower Reseller Program in 2012, the company has made other tweaks to its partner program and rewards structure, such as increasing its back-end rebates and deal registration discounts from a range of 1 percent to 3 percent, and 3 percent to 5 percent, respectively.

In addition, EnGenius has introduced a new service portal for partners that prioritizes solution providers' requests for EnGenius product repairs and offers them a discount on all repair services.

Lastly, EnGenius rolled out a new online training portal to host a more robust lineup of partner sales and technical resources.

"We are continuing to enhance that and add courses as we go," said Vicki Bilyeu, channel marketing manager at EnGenius.