Watch: The Future of Telepresence With MCPc

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MCPc's Brian Kinne is betting on mobility in the telepresence space, drawing from a "culture of immediacy."

Kinne, the CTO of Video and Visual Collaboration at MCPc, has a long history in the telepresence space. He has seen the evolution of technology over time, most recently focusing on building multipurpose environments rather than traditionally designated video rooms.

Kinne said the real future is in mobility. "I really think it's cultural," he said, rather than technological. Kinne pointed to the prevalence of young people texting and using video communications like FaceTime. "They jump over 'voice,'" said Kinne. "We see that trend make its way over into corporate, into business."

He also sees opportunity in health care and certain vertical markets with 3-D technologies. "And then, of course, video managed services that help knit all that together," he said.

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