WAN Op Startup Aryaka Looks To Grow Global Channel, Continue Riverbed Buyback Program

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Puri said Aryaka will continue to take steps to disrupt WAN optimization market leader Riverbed. Aryaka last year, for example, launched a Riverbed buyback program, offering Riverbed customers the chance to turn over their Riverbed Steelhead appliances in exchange for an Aryaka WAN optimization-as-a-service subscription.

The program works by allowing existing Riverbed customers to exchange their equipment for up to 100 percent of the remaining value as amortized over 36 months. Those customers will then receive service credits that can be applied to the Aryaka service.

Puri said a "handful" of customers have participated in the program, many of them replacing between two and 10 Riverbed appliances.

Larry Chaffin, CEO of Pluto Networks, a Columbus, Ohio-based solution provider, said he used to partner with Riverbed, but switched last year to Aryaka. He told CRN that the real value in Aryaka is that its WAN optimization-as-a-service offering not only replaces WAN acceleration hardware, but can also be used to replace the MPLS networks provided by telecom service providers, resulting in big cost savings for end customers. It also opens up a recurring opex model for both customers and partners, he said.

"I think [Aryaka's] product really brings to light the problems people are seeing with WAN acceleration and with telco vendors, because not only does Aryaka replace WAN acceleration vendors but it also replaces telco's MPLS, and those are huge costs for companies," Chaffin said. "They give you a capex-free model and with all the customers we have done trials with, they love it."


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