Verizon Opens Up 1,700 'Top Enterprise' Accounts To Channel

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Following a massive redesign of its U.S. partner program last year, Verizon Enterprise Solutions said Wednesday it's opening up more than a thousand of its top enterprise accounts to partners.

The enterprise-focused arm of U.S. carrier giant Verizon also revealed Wednesday plans to expand its Verizon Partner Program into Europe.

Janet Schijns, vice president of corporate, medium and indirect channels at Verizon Enterprise Solutions, told CRN that, starting now, an additional 1,700 of Verizon's top enterprise accounts have been opened up to the channel. Previously, these accounts were exclusively managed by Verizon's direct sales team.

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"We are enhancing our U.S. program to allow the members of our partner program to offer Verizon-branded enterprise-class products and services across all of our customers," Schijns said.

In the past, the Verizon Partner Program was focused exclusively around Verizon's medium-sized or low-end enterprise accounts. But Schijns said customer feedback showed that larger enterprise organizations also wanted the opportunity to work directly with Verizon partners when needed. 

"As customers embrace this new world with cloud, mobility and more complex solutions, and try to simplify that within their businesses, it's not so much about the vendor waiting in the hall or the partner waiting in the hall," Schijns said. "It's the ecosystem sitting at the table and designing with the customer the solutions that they need. In that world, you need to work together."

Schijns said the idea is that partners will work hand in hand with Verizon's direct sales reps on these larger deals. Both groups, for instance, will be able to register deals through Verizon's platform, and then loop each other in.

"[Partners] may register a deal and bring us in, we may register a deal and bring them in, but it is now open for partners to participate in these accounts and design best-in-class solutions," Schijns said. "It's a fundamental shift in how we service the customer."

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