MetTel Unveils Mobile Solution With Cross Carrier Pooling

MetTel expects its new mobile solution, which lets businesses with multiple wireless providers consolidate billing and pool data allowances across networks, to draw new customers to the company.

The Manhattan-based telecom solution provider expects to attract 3,000 to 5,000 new customers within the next 12 to 24 months with MetTel Mobile, according to Director of Wireless Services Max Silber. The company has already moved 1,000 companies doing business with MetTel to MetTel Mobile, he said.

MetTel Mobile allows companies using some combination of Verizon, AT&T and Sprint to buy a single pool of minutes, texts and data that can be used across all three carriers, Silber said. MetTel monitors data usage in real-time, Silber said, allowing companies to buy the precise amount of minutes or data they need.

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Silber said 80 percent of carrier invoices analyzed by MetTel in the lead up to this program had misbuying, overbuying or underbuying.

The solution is intended for companies with multi-state operations where portions of the workforce receive better coverage through different carrier networks, Silber said. It has gained the most traction in the multi-location retail and home health-care verticals, both of which have a highly mobile workforce and depend on remote data collection.

MetTel Mobile works well for employers with anywhere from a couple to thousands of mobile devices, Silber said.

The solution also streamlines billing so that businesses receive a single monthly bill from MetTel rather than a barrage of invoices from each of the wireless providers, Silber said.

Moreover, MetTel Mobile bundles in mobile device management at no cost. Silber said this addresses the gap created by businesses moving from secure Blackberry servers to iPhone and Android devices, which are more open and therefore more prone to attack.

The solution provider's mobile device management can do everything from encrypting email to remotely wiping a phone if it's lost or stolen to access the entire workforce with a single click, Silber said. Most businesses not with MetTel Mobile still end up shelling out money for mobile device management, he said.

All told, Silber said businesses that opt for MetTel mobile can expect to save 30 percent to 50 percent each month on their wireless bills. MetTel will run an analysis of current usage for interested businesses and provide a price quote within 48 hours, Silber said.

"This is a better way to save money," he said.

On MetTel's end, the monthly data billing cycle and maintenance and support offerings facilitate a recurring revenue model, Silber said.

Silber said mobility is the fastest-growing product line in MetTel's portfolio, with expansion anticipated in the millions of dollars as a result of high demand for secure communication.

MetTel Mobile is only available to companies operating in the United States, though Silber said MetTel plans to extend the solution to other countries in the coming years.