Startup OpsClarity -- Led By Ex-Cisco, Google And Yahoo Engineers -- Emerges From Stealth

After years of developing a platform for modern Web-scale applications, former top engineers from Cisco, Google and Yahoo on Thursday took the shroud off OpsClarity, an operation analytics and monitoring company that has nabbed $11 million in funding and is actively seeking channel partners.

"We're bringing data science, large-scale streaming analytics and visualization software to the operations world to finally bring it out of the dark ages," said Dhruv Jain, co-founder and CEO of OpsClarity, in an interview with CRN. "People need a new wave of solutions that looks at operations as a big data and analytics problem, and that's what we're solving. We're an operations monitoring and analytics company for modern Web-scale applications."

Jain was previously a corporate development manager at Cisco, responsible for the networking giant's technology and product strategy for its data center, virtualization and cloud businesses. Other OpsClarity co-founders include its chief technology officer, Amit Sasturkar, a senior software engineer at Yahoo and Google, and Alan Ngai, who was a senior engineering manager at Yahoo as well as at eBay before becoming vice president of engineering at OpsClarity.

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The Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company launched out of stealth mode Thursday and unveiled its flagship Intelligent Operations Platform, which brings analytics and monitoring intelligence to operations for modern Web-scale applications.

The new platform is able to process and visualize massive amounts of data in real time and extract key insights needed for DevOps teams to achieve the operational speed and agility that have been key drivers of success for the largest Web-scale companies in the world, such as Google.

"Your applications have become so complex … that you need a completely new way to monitor your system and that's what we're able to do," Jain said. "We're giving you a very modern, analytics-driven monitoring approach for these new-age application stack."

The platform is a solution that spans across different verticals, including the Internet of Things, said Jain.

"The next wave of solutions ... that leverage innovations from these consumers' giants like Google, Facebook and Netflix, either using their management framework … or really using the power of big-data analytics to transform operations the way analytics has transformed advertising, search and ecommerce," Jain said.

Jain said the platform reinvents monitoring and analytics for dynamic Web-scale applications, helping DevOps teams understand and troubleshoot issues in their changing environments in real time. "What you need in this new world is something that understands your data automatically and gives you the insights and tells you where to focus as opposed to telling you, 'Here are your million data points,' " said Jain.

The privately held startup also announced an $11 million Series A funding round led by NEA, along with Pinnacle Ventures, AME Cloud and Morado Venture Partners. The money will be used to expand the company's engineering team and ramp up go-to-market efforts.

For its channel, OpsClarity is creating an inaugural partner program for solution providers set to launch in 2016, according to Jain. He also expects the startup to revamp and expand the program in 2017 as more partners are added to its channel.

Jain said he's eyeing to onboard several cloud service provider channels such as VARs that sell Amazon Web Services.

"Over time, we'll keep expanding the ecosystem to more and more [system integrators] who serve this world of modern Web applications and help enterprises move from traditional legacy applications architectures into the new world of Web-scale applications," said Jain.

The company's mission is to transform the modern software operations with data-science-driven monitoring solutions that help DevOps teams continuously visualize, understand and troubleshoot performance of their rapidly changing Web-scale application environments.

"Customers desperately want these new-age operations paradigms to support those new applications," Jain said. "That's the way we think we can build a completely transformative company in the next generation of applications."