Channel Veteran Famularo Takes CEO Post At Data Modeling Software Maker, Plans Partner Expansion Offensive

Adam Famularo

Former Verizon and CA channel executive Adam Famularo has been named CEO of ERwin Inc., a data modeling software company that is a spinoff of CA Technologies.

Famularo, an 18-year channel veteran who spent the past 20 months as vice president of global channels for Verizon, has ambitious plans to add hundreds of new partners, help existing partners grow their businesses and continue to develop the ERwin product set as a big data mainstay.

"This is an asset that I know so well -- I know the people, the technology and the partners," said Famularo, who helped drive sales of the popular ERwin data modeling platform as a top channel sales executive at enterprise software giant CA for a dozen years. "This new role allows me to take my expertise and be able to do everything I've always wanted to do -- build a great team culture that likes to win in the marketplace."

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The appointment comes just six weeks after private equity firm Parallax Capital Partners acquired ERwin from CA Technologies on March 1.The firm has since been working to transition the product line into a standalone company.

With Famularo at the helm, partners can expect a more nimble company that will allow resellers to provide better services to their end customers, said Javed Matin, CEO of Myriad Solutions, a long-time Premier CA Technologies partner, and now ERwin Premier partner.

"I think partners will be better looked after, because [Famularo] is a dynamic person who is going to take ERwin to different places because he knows what the market is asking for," Matin said. "He knows the channel business well. It's a win for the customers as well as the resellers, and we look forward to working with him."

ERwin technology is a database modeling toolset with an interface for managing complex data environments. The company already has formed its first relationship with Microsoft Azure, and will continue to look at other vendors -- like Amazon -- to work with different database-as-a-service offerings.

"ERwin by itself is an industry-leading technology, but more importantly, it's at the forefront of this emerging trend around big data," Famularo said. "Data is the next currency, and we want to be the leaders in the data management section of any CIO's big data strategy."

Famularo's priorities are to continue to invest in the ERwin product set, build out new, strategic partnerships and pursue acquisitions to complete the company's roll-up strategy. All ERwin products will continue to be sold exclusively through the channel.

"I used to run this business about five years ago when I worked for CA [Technologies] when we turned it into a pure-play channel model. We've stuck with that model ever since, and that's our competitive differentiator in the marketplace," Famularo said.

Fulton, Md.-based Myraid Solutions specializes in selling, installation, implementation and consulting to go along with ERwin products for its customer base, which consists of many government clients, including the Department of Homeland Security.

Myraid was concerned when it first heard that CA was spinning off its ERwin business. But in becoming its own business, ERwin will be more agile, Matin said.

"With CA, decisions could take months. Now with [Famularo], it will be easier and quicker for partners to do business," he said.

Famularo's eye toward strategic partnerships and experience in the channel will mean more revenue for ERwin partners, Matin said.

"[Famularo's] success is going to be our success, because our business is very closely aligned to the ERwin business," Matin said. "It's been a relief that ERwin now has a home, the customers will be happy, and on top of that, we know we now have a leader that knows the product."

ERwin has a strong channel today, but Famularo is looking to beef up that program and relationships with other companies around big data as more partners get into this space.

"We are looking to build relationships so we can be a part of a complete big data solution, … but I also want to double down with the [existing] partners here to get their businesses growing even faster," Famularo said. "Then we are absolutely going to be spending a lot of time and energy to develop net new partners that can help us expand our footprint into the big data space."

ERwin will be looking to technology partners and the VAR community for a combination of expertise in implementation, education and training, and professional services.

Famularo said he will explore leveraging his relationship with the agent channel to pull these partners into the big data space, too. The Internet of Things (IoT) market will be key in tying the VAR and agent partner worlds together.

"That's where we fit in -- around the applications and the development of the applications for IoT," he said.

Jim McGarry, operating partner at Parallax, is joining Famularo at ERwin as the company's chief operating officer. Existing ERwin experts from CA Technologies will also be coming onboard to run sales, marketing and product development for the new company.

ERwin Inc. will operate out of its existing Tampa, Fla., headquarters, with a new executive office opening on Long Island, N.Y. The company also has offices in China, India, Singapore and the Czech Republic.

"For all the partners out there that have supported me through multiple transitions, this is going to be the biggest and best ride yet," Famularo said. "I'm looking forward to working with partners on this new journey as we get into some of the hottest emerging technologies and continue to grow our businesses successfully together."