CRN Exclusive: DataXoom And Tech Data Offer Mobility Solutions To Help Partners Avoid 'Leaving Money On The Table'

In a world where hardware revenues are on the decline, solution provider DataXoom is helping the channel add lucrative mobility solutions and services to their repertoires via a new relationship with IT distributor Tech Data.

DataXoom, based in Walnut Creek, Calif., specializes in wireless and mobility solutions for business customers. On Thursday, the company revealed an agreement with Tech Data exclusively to CRN that will grant the distributor's channel of thousands of reseller partners access to DataXoom's wireless program.

By adding mobility services to their hardware-centric portfolios, partners won't be leaving recurring revenue opportunities on the table and could pick up more customer wins with a complete mobility offering, according to Chris Hill, CEO of DataXoom.

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Wireless services are complementary to the solutions that many partners are offering today. Many Tech Data resellers that are in the mobility space have started by selling the devices, such as tablets, but wireless services have historically been unfamiliar territory that many partners have avoided.

With the help of DataXoom and Tech Data, however, mobile data services can be an easy add-on to a partner's portfolio and a good way to break into residual commission sales and monetize mobile network activity, Hill said.

Because DataXoom doesn’t sell equipment, partners don't have to worry about potentially engaging a competitor, either, said Rob Chamberlin, DataXoom's co-founder and chief revenue officer.

"We are just offering world-class access to the network, the best terms and conditions, and ongoing residuals to the reseller, who can provide the devices and ancillary services they want," Chamberlin said. "It's really the best of both worlds for them."

Tech Data also believes that the opportunity for the channel around mobility solutions is tremendous, especially as partners eye cloud and IoT opportunities. The distributor today runs Client and Mobile Solutions, its U.S.-based mobile solutions business unit, and is looking forward to building a more comprehensive mobility solution as more solution providers look to Tech Data for help getting into the wireless connectivity space, said Linda Rendleman, vice president of client and mobile solutions at Tech Data.

Thanks to the new partnership, Tech Data is offering its partners access to DataXoom's billing solutions, line and device management, end customer support, and access to 4G and LTE networks from AT&T, Verizon or Sprint. Solution providers can, in turn, earn a residual based on the activations and data plans chosen by their end customers, for as long as the partner owns the relationship.

"Tech Data’s mission for its mobile solutions offering is to enable our partners to develop and deliver comprehensive mobile solutions, support an increase in their end-customer productivity, and accelerate their business outcomes," Rendleman said. "This partnership with DataXoom is very exciting."

DataXoom can also add a solution provider's unique services and offerings, such as monthly equipment leases or helpdesk services, onto the DataXoom billing and provisioning platform. DataXoom will bill the end customer on behalf of the Tech Data reseller partners, DataXoom's Hill said.

Business customers will also benefit from one complete monthly billing statement and an easy way to manage all of their wireless plans through either the DataXoom One management portal, or by handing management off to their trusted solution provider partner.

Tech Data has an ecosystem of partners that includes both solution providers with a strong focus on mobile and others that have never had a mobility practice and are interesting in adding mobile as a complement to their existing solutions. DataXoom plans to work with both kinds of partners, Chamberlin said.

DataXoom will do training with interested partners and can also join customer calls with solution providers, representing DataXoom or the partner organization, Chamberlin said.

"A reseller's position can be improved because now they are coming to the party with a full mobility solution that the client ultimately needs, and they don't have to go get their equipment from one source and then have a separate conversation about connecting the equipment," he said. "This is a perfectly complementary solution to what partners are already doing – wireless services are pure margin on their existing sales."