AT&T Arms Partners With IoT Starter Kit To Help Them Seize Recurring Revenue Opportunities

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AT&T wants to help its partners take advantage of emerging opportunities -- and new revenue streams -- around the Internet of Things.

The Dallas-based company is offering an IoT Starter Kit for prototyping IoT solutions, along with several resources that partners can use to determine their IoT readiness.

Sue Galvanek, vice president of marketing, pricing and product solutions for AT&T Partner Exchange, told CRN that 85 percent of businesses today are considering or implementing an IoT solution and 75 percent of them want outside help. That's a perfect opportunity for solution providers, she said.  

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Selling connectivity for IoT devices is an easy entry into the space, but solution providers that can sell the entire IoT solution stand to gain the real recurring revenue opportunities -- which is why it's imperative for partners to learn about the market, Galvanek said. 

"IoT isn't just connectivity. It needs security, data analytics and device management. Those are all recurring revenue opportunities for solution providers," she said.

Many solution providers are ready to start investigating IoT to see where these solutions could help their end customers, so breaking down its many moving parts is very helpful, said Max Silber, vice president of mobility for MetTel, a solution provider and AT&T partner.

New York-based MetTel has been deploying IoT solutions, especially for its distribution and inventory, and health-care customers. An IoT-specific starter kit is a "great idea, and a great enabler" for partners who want to deliver a full IoT solution on a much larger scale than carriers would be able to reach on their own, Silber said.

"For AT&T to be offering an IoT Starter Kit really gives us a turnkey path to delivering IoT solutions that include things like access to platforms, software development kits and connectivity," he told CRN.

Among the tools that AT&T unveiled Monday is "A Channel Executive's Guide to IoT" that offers insight into IoT trends but then digs into IoT "building blocks," the network, devices and applications that partners need to understand before launching an IoT strategy, Galvanek said.

The guide also highlights success stories from AT&T partners who already are offering IoT solutions as well as guidance on how to build an IoT offering based on a partner's existing customer base.

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