Verizon Secures The Perimeter With New Cloud-Based Security Service For Business Customers

Verizon is helping enterprises keep network-based cyberattacks at bay via a brand-new managed security service.

Verizon's Software-Defined Perimeter (SDP) service is a scalable, cloud-based offering that lets companies identify possible breaches at the network border and secure access to their business applications to users on their own devices. The service offers an added layer of protection that can help "hide" enterprise applications and resources from hackers, according to Verizon.

A spokesperson for Verizon told CRN that SDP is not available through channel partners at this time.

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In April, Verizon released its 10th Annual Data Breach Investigations Report which found that 98 percent of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks target enterprises.

RDS Solutions, a Clinton, N.J. telecom solution provider and Verizon partner, offers connectivity and consulting to its customer base which includes enterprise customers. Security is top of mind for businesses of all sizes, and the SDP service applies to not only enterprise customers, but SMBs, too, according to Paul Vuoso, RDS' vice president of technology.

’In addition to providing the connectivity between locations and the internet, our customers rely on us to recommend and assist in understanding and implementing the necessary safeguards," Vuoso said. "Connectivity and access are crucial for today’s enterprises, but it cannot come at the expense of security.’

Verizon’s SDP service isolates communications between enterprise applications and end-user devices. This feature lets IT teams immediately identify and block network-based cyberattacks, including DDoS, connection hijacking, and credential theft. At the same time, the service provides an encrypted connection between authenticated end user devices and enterprise applications, according to the Basking Ridge, N.J. carrier.

SDP can be deployed in a hybrid IT environment, Verizon said. Businesses won't have to purchase any network hardware or lease additional data center resources to deploy the new service.

Verizon said that SDP is currently available to business customers in the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, the European Union, and Norway.