Comport CEO: Aruba Software Has Changed The Networking Game With Breakthrough User Experiences

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Jim Perrier, president of Universal Data Inc., New Orleans, La., said the Aruba software is helping him close big deals including a  $30 million dollar school contract. "Aruba has been a great partner," he said. "We are growing our Aruba business 30 percent a year. It is great technology."

Reza Zarafshar, president of Advanced Computer Concepts, a McLean, Va. longtime Aruba partner, said the Aruba wireless offering is the best wireless solution hands down in the market. "Every project we have done with Aruba has been a success," he said. "The technology is fantastic.A lot of people say the hardware is the same in wireless. The intelligence lies in the software and that is where Aruba excels."

Zarafshar said he runs the Aruba software in his own house and has had his team install the softwarefor his son in law's opthalmologist practice. "He has massive X-rays and it all happens on an Aruba network," he said.

Donna Grothjan, vice president of worldwide channels at HPE Aruba, said Aruba is continuing to innovate at a rapid clip with a sharp focus on security in the future."We are innovating everyday," she said. "It is not just about wireless LAN, wireless switching. Security is a big play. It is moving beyond protecting the perimeter and really protecting from inside the network. You are going to start to see us generate more innovation around that area."

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