ParkMyCloud Now Helping Google Cloud Customers, Partners Slash Wasteful Spending

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Cloud management startup ParkMyCloud is now helping customers across the three leading public cloud giants eliminate any unnecessary cloud services spending.

ParkMyCloud offers "SmartParking," a software as a service-based application that channel partners and businesses can use to automate cloud usage and schedule downtime for unused compute resources deployed across Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and as of Tuesday, the Google Cloud Platform.

On average, SmartParking is saving customers about 15 to 25 percent on their monthly cloud bill every month, ParkMyCloud's CEO Jay Chapel told CRN. This translates to about $150-$160 saved on each scheduled cloud instance, each month, which can add up quickly for customers that have hundreds of active cloud instances.

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The Dulles, Va.-based company launched two and a half years ago with a cloud cost-saving solution for AWS workloads. The company expanded its portfolio to include a beta version of an Azure service in January 2017, followed by a beta version of its Google Cloud solution.

The SmartParking application taps metric data from the cloud provider to find patterns in cloud instance utilization. This lets partners and end customers make decisions about when cloud resources — such as databases and servers — can be turned off, minimizing idle time which costs cloud users money.

The full-featured SmartParking for the Google Cloud Platform now includes utilization data, including CPU and memory information, so users can view trends to better schedule their cloud resources, Chapel said.

Utilization and resource identification information are features that both partners and end customers have been asking for, he said, adding that demand for cost management around Google Cloud is growing at a rapid clip.

"The percent of Google trials are really increasing, and about 20-25 percent of our user base are ... using our platform across at least two clouds," he said

For partners, reduced cloud bills present a great opportunity to offer a "sticky" solution that will solve a big problem for their customers, who in turn, will likely increase their overall cloud spend as a result, Chapel said.

"In the long run, as customers optimize their IT environments, they are growing in cloud and spending more money. Month over month, our customers have more and more cloud instances — no one is going backward," he said.

ParkMyCloud, which does about 20 percent of its business through the channel today, is actively recruiting new partners. The company today has partnerships with MSPs and solution providers, as well as several IT distributors and master agencies, such as SHI, Avnet, and Avant.

Partners have the option of reselling the ParkMyCloud solution to end customers, or managing the application on their behalf in a managed service approach, Chapel said.

ParkMyCloud also has plans to expand its solution to other public cloud providers, including Chinese cloud giant Alibaba.

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