Aryaka-China Mobile Deal Clears SD-WAN Regulatory Path For Partners

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SD-WAN power player Aryaka says it has notched a victory for the channel by forging a partnership with China Mobile International that alleviates the confusion surrounding new Chinese regulations that limit cross-border communications.

"Numerous channel partners have come to us saying the new regulations in China limit cross-border communication into and out of China," said Gary Sevounts, San Mateo, Calif.-based Aryaka's chief marketing officer. "In SD-WAN, there's a lot of ambiguity, because SD-WAN providers are mostly out of compliance. The regulations are going to be enforced. Enterprise connectivity is at risk, and if they don't come into compliance, they risk being shut down."

The regulations – enacted in the name of protecting privacy – require any cross-border communications to go through one of three Chinese telecommunications giants: China Telecommunications, China Unicom and China Mobile. The arrangement threatened to leave SD-WAN providers that didn't work with those firms in the lurch, Sevounts said.

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The deal with China Mobile, though, allows partners to maintain customer relationships they've spent years developing, Sevounts said, including with customers in China and customers with business interests or operations in China. Not only that, but now it allows those partners to offer a complete SD-WAN and mobility solution.

"Over 800 enterprises use Aryaka," Sevounts said. "China Mobile is one of the largest mobiles in the world. Together, this is a multi-billion-dollar opportunity."

Under the agreement, China Mobile will sell a combined Aryaka SD-WAN/Internet connectivity solution under the China Mobile brand. The offering is aimed at businesses headquartered in China with international locations, and also offers non-Chinese companies a "sanctioned" and fully compliant SD-WAN service for locations in China.

Aryaka will also recommend China Mobile for mobility services in China, Sevounts said. "For the first time, a channel partner can be the focal point of a complete solution," he said. "They can be providing a complete solution to the global enterprise by selling Aryaka and China Mobile together. Every single channel partner that resells Aryaka and resells China Mobile will be able to take advantage of this."

Jim Suss, president of LAM Technology, a Ft. Worth, Tex., solution provider that works with Aryaka, said in an email to CRN that Aryaka's partnership with China Mobile could mean huge revenue gains for U.S.-based partners, because it makes Aryaka the only fully compliant global SD-WAN service in China that is affordable, deploys quickly and is easily managed.

"This partnership immediately benefits our enterprise customers," Suss wrote. "Several U.S.-headquartered global enterprises see China as a major outsourcing hub and growth market. However, global connectivity challenges and application performance issues in China for both on-premises and cloud SaaS applications adversely impact productivity and create business execution hurdles."

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