Juniper Networks Will Sell Aerohive Wi-Fi Products In New Sales Pact

Juniper Networks has reached a deal to sell Aerohive Networks cloud-managed Wi-Fi products, including new 802.11ax access points.

The arrangement gives Juniper access to next-generation Wi-Fi technology, and brings Aerohive and its partners into enterprise accounts.

In addition to 802.11ax access points, Juniper will also sell Aerohive's HiveManager cloud management platform. Juniper has already integrated its Sky Enterprise cloud network management software with HiveManager. The API-based integration is meant to simplify management of the joint solution, Aerohive said in a statement.

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For Gary Berzack, CTO and COO at eTribeca, a New York, N.Y., solution provider that works with both Aerohive and Juniper, the partnership between the two vendors could offer partners the kind of simplicity and efficiency demonstrated by other high-profile partnerships like HPE and Aruba.

"In the channel, if you are a partner to both organizations, network and WiFi partnerships like HPE and Aruba are a great thing for you," Berzack said. "You're cutting down on the amount of communication you have with manufacturers' brand managers, etc. You're leveraging one sales call with multiple opportunities."

Still, the agreement is unlikely to prompt the vendors to break into verticals they don't already serve, Berzack said. "They're most likely to focus on verticals where their strengths are, rather than addressing all switching or all WiFi."

It's also significant to note, Berzack said, that the agreement is likely to mean that Aerohive is not pushing product lines similar to Juniper's, like switching or SD-WAN, but leveraging a joint solution.

The Juniper-Aerohive arrangement means Juniper can sell Aerohive WiFi access points and management software through its sales force, as well as its channel. Enterprise customers are increasingly asking for single solutions to simplify network installation, configuration and operation, the companies said in a statement.

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