Red-Hot Nyansa Seeing Channel Surge For Network Analytics SaaS

Nyansa has doubled its annual recurring revenue, internal sales force and channel partner base over the past 18 months as solution providers swarm to the network analytics Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider.

"Nyansa gives us everything we could possible need from a visibility standpoint in order to perform full troubleshooting -- we’re talking endpoint to WAN," said Andrew Shipton, director of engineering for Radiant Networks Services, a Louisville, Ky.-based solution provider and new Nyansa partner. "We're looking for quality and longevity – that's what this product has and that's why I see it gaining a lot of steam here going forward."

Nyansa's cloud-based SaaS platform has been attracting solution providers this year, such as World Wide Technology, Presidio, Sirius Computer Solutions, Gotham Technology Group and Aercor Wireless, to join its Voyers Channel Partner Program.

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The Palo Alto, Calif.-based startup's enterprise SaaS platform, Voyance, manages, analyzes and correlates a broad range of infrastructure data from client devices, IP network services, unified communications systems, network products and custom applications. The cloud-based, vendor-agnostic platform is purpose-built for increasingly mobile network environments, providing cross-company correlation and benchmarking of network metrics and trends.

David Callisch, vice president of marketing for Nyansa, told CRN that Voyance is filling a gap for solution providers seeking a cloud-based SaaS that will add value across a customer's entire network.

"There's a lot of vendors that use the word 'analytics' but they don’t really do analytics across the entire network," said Callisch. "We're analyzing every single client transaction on the network, then figuring out where to find and fix problems over that network -- whether it’s a local Wi-Fi problem, DNS [domain name system] wired problems, or a WAN problem. … Point solution vendors only look at a slither of the problem and make customers have to go out and find the rest."

Founded in 2013 by MIT Ph.D.s, Nyansa's technology has been deployed in more than 500 different customer production sites globally and is managing 10 million client wired and wireless devices.

Nyansa, named in CRN's 10 Hottest Enterprise Networking Startups Of 2018 (So Far), now has approximately 70 channel partners. Earlier this year, the startup received a$15 million Series B funding round led by Intel Capital.

In May, the company hired Peter Dehr as Nyansa's new director of channel sales to drive growth. Dehr has decades of top sales and channel experience working for the likes of Cisco, Ericsson and 7singal.

"We're filling a gap that partners just don't have right now," said Dehr, in an interview with CRN. "We allow them to immediate add value that will work with Cisco, Aruba or anyone else. … We don't care what they sell. Our solution adds value across all their products whether its wired or wireless."

A key reason for Nyansa's success, according to partners, is its vendor-agnostic technology approach.

"There's not one single customer that has all Cisco or completely 100 percent HPE-Aruba – you always have a mix of products," said Shipton. "Nyansa is very good at not favoring one vendor over another. They give you the same level visibility across the board, regardless."

Jason Sokoloski, president of Eagan, Minn.-based Aercor Wireless, a new Nyansa partner, said the SaaS solution can locate and fix issues quicker for a customer compared to competitors.

"Everybody says, 'Oh my wireless sucks.' Well, is it really the wireless that sucks or is it the application that sucks? Or is it the Internet that sucks or something else? It helps us analyze that and find the real issue," said Sokoloski. "It's very intriguing technology. We have multiple POC's going on right now."

Nyansa's Callisch said enterprises today are looking for channel partners to provide a complete public or private cloud-based analytics service which is why the company's partner base has doubled over the past 18 months. The channel growth comes as Nyansa's software finds traction among enterprises, including customers like Tesla and General Motors.

"The channel is really the heartbeat of this market," said Callisch. "We are all about helping partners get a grip on actually understanding how their networks are running from an end-user experience perspective. There's no other end-to-end SaaS analytics solution they can purchase today that compares to ours."