Wi-Fi Alliance Puts Limits On 'Pre-n' Equipment

Wi-Fi 802.11n certification WLAN

Equipment using the 802.11n standard will provide data throughput speeds at least as fast as Ethernet networks and, under some proposals, significantly faster speeds. Belkin last week became the most recent vendor to release pre-N equipment using Multiple In, Multiple Out (MIMO) antenna technology. MIMO is expected to be an integral part of 802.11n. Final ratification of 802.11n isn't expected until late 2006.

The Alliance said Monday it will decertify any Wi-Fi certified equipment that has pre-N capabilities if that equipment is not interoperable with other certified products. The Alliance did not refer to any specific vendors of pre-N equipment.

"Pre-standard products always present an inherent risk for technology adopters, and that is why we will not certify 802.11n products until the IEEE standard is finalized," Frank Hanzlik, the Wi-Fi Alliance's managing director, said in a statement.

This story courtesy of TechWeb.

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