New Peribit SR-15 Tuned For Limited Bandwidth

The new SR-15 Sequence Reducer targets smaller branch and remote offices with slower WAN connections, helping customers improve application performance and get the most out of their limited bandwidth, said Michael Banic, vice president of corporate marketing at Peribit, Santa Clara, Calif. It is available at license speeds ranging from 64 Kbps to 1 Mbps.

The new appliance should give solution providers an opportunity to expand Peribit rollouts among existing customers since the vendor's products, until now, offered support for too much capacity to be cost-effective for many branch and remote offices, Banic said.

"We have a lot of sites, especially in the SMB market, that have five people at different locations, or even a couple of people that like to [work remotely] from home, but they don't really need the high bandwidth," said Curtis Wray, director of consulting at Konsultek, a solution provider based in Elgin, Ill. Designed specifically for branch offices and retail locations where space is often limited, the new appliance is quieter and features a smaller form factor than other members of the Sequence Reducer family, Banic said.

Peribit also launched version 5.0 of its PeriScope Central Management System (CMS) software. The upgrade adds the MyPeribit portal, a customizable view into WAN and application performance for IT staff. The SR-15 begins shipping this month starting at $1,895. PeriScope CMS 5.0 is available now starting at $5,000.

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The company in June rolled out several new products, including the SR-100 Sequence Reducer, a WAN optimization appliance that supports 155-Mbps OC-3 fiber-optic transmission speeds. Peribit also launched its first formal U.S. channel program in May. "Last quarter, 25 percent of the new customers we added in the U.S. were a result of our channel selling into their install base, creating new business on their own," Banic said.