Nokia Demonstrates IPv6 Phone

The Finnish company demonstrated what it called the industry's "first Mobile IPv6 call." Mobile IPv6 is the mobility protocol for IPv6 enabled handsets.

The demonstration at the 3G World Congress Convention and Exhibition in Hong Kong showed real-time streaming video with seamless handoff between two CDMA access networks using Mobile IPv6.

The next generation protocol advances the Internet's current IPv4 protocol by enabling terminals to maintain their IP connectivity as they move across networks and different access technologies. In addition, Mobile IPv6 provides route optimization techniques to reduce handoff latencies.

"IPv6 is the next-generation of the Internet protocol and has many advantages over IPv4 both for the network operators and the end-users," Adam Gould, vice president of technology management and planning for Nokia CDMA. "IPv6 allows the deployment of millions of always-on, IP enabled devices, each with it's own unique IP address."

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