Motorola President And COO Zafirovski To Resign

The longtime Motorola employee had been passed over for the firm's top post of chairman and chief executive officer 13 months ago. Motorola's Board of Directors had announced they were seeking a new CEO in the wake of a decision that former Motorola chief Christopher Galvin would resign.

Ed Zander, the man chosen to succeed Galvin, thanked Zafirovski for his contributions to the firm. In a statement, Zander said: "Mike's intense focus on improving the company's operations and product quality has helped us execute on our commitments."

Since taking over the helm at Motorola, Zander reorganized the company into four business groups to report to Zander beginning January 31--the day that Zafirovski is scheduled to formally resign.

"This is a decision I have considered carefully and which I discussed at length with Ed," Zafirovski said in a statement. "This is the right time for me to start considering other opportunities."

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