D-Link Delivers With NCR

D-Link partners can resell six different service packages that address a range of product service and fulfillment options. A four-hour response time for providing or replacing existing D-Link products is an available option. Resellers can also choose from service packs that provide weekend-only rapid service fulfillment, an option tailored for networks whose IT staffs only work weekdays, said Robert Robinson, director of business channel sales at D-Link, Fountain Valley, Calif.

The service is available for D-Link business solution products, enterprise-class network switches, wireless products, firewalls, and IP security products.

"Before this arrangement with NCR, if there was a D-Link product under warranty that failed, the warranty would be executed but to get an immediate replacement the customer would have to buy a new product, and then we'd take back the old one and process the warranty -- not a great service level agreement for a five-nine availability requirement," said Robinson. "Now, you can get what you need in four hours."

Pricing for the NCR service is based on the particular D-Link product the service is assigned to, said Robinson. "You can buy Layer 3 core switches and a service pack for less than most of our competitors would just sell the hardware for," he added.

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