Linksys Debuts Power-Over-Ethernet Wireless Kit For SMBs

With PoE, electrical current is carried over Ethernet connections to network equipment, allowing network operators to place PoE-enabled routers, gateways, switches and other hardware anywhere regardless of the availability of a traditional power source. The Linksys PoE Adapter Kit consists of two components, an "injector" that sends current from a power source directly along category-5 Ethernet cable, and a "splitter" that splits the power stream from the network data and directs it to the DC input on the network device.

"Our new Power over Ethernet Kit delivers ease-of-use and the utmost flexibility to add a wireless networking solution in a working environment," Linksys director of product marketing Tim Thornton said in a statement. "We strive to provide answers for customers who require product placement in the middle of a room or office to obtain optimum wireless coverage. The PoE Kit helps deliver cost effective Wi-Fi coverage throughout offices, conference rooms and warehouses, as well as distant corners or other hard to reach areas."

The Linksys PoE Adapter Kit is compatible with a wide range of Linksys 12-volt powered devices, including Wireless-B and Wireless-G access points, broadband routers and ADSL gateways. It is available immediately from Linksys dealers at an estimated street price of $49.95.

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