Cisco, Perch Partner On All-In-One Managed Security Offering For MSPs

The combined Cisco/Perch technology offering is geared toward MSPs looking to start their own practice around managed security services or veteran MSPs supporting SMBs.


Cisco is teaming up with Perch Security to help MSPs bring managed security services to small-to-midsized customers.

MSPs, both veterans and partners just getting started in the managed services space, are struggling to keep up with cybersecurity threats facing businesses today, said Marc Inderhees, Partner Managed Services Leader for Cisco's Global Partner Organization.

"We've been very busy working with MSPs and onboarding new MSPs," Inderhees said. "This announcement is a reflection of what we've been doing in this space, but particularly, focused on enabling MSPs -- along with Perch -- in managed security for SMBs."

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But first, MSPs must protect themselves. To that end, Cisco on Monday unveiled the Cisco Secured MSP offer, which includes free internal use of its DNS solution from Cisco Umbrella for MSP, Next-Generation Endpoint Detection and Response with Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) and cloud-based threat detection from Cisco Stealthwatch Cloud.

The Cisco Secured MSP offering will be available for partners on November 1, Inderhees said.

Security software provider Perch Security is lending its security information and event management (SIEM) solution which has been integrated with Cisco's Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) for Endpoints and Cisco Umbrella. Cisco's Duo Multi-Factor Authentication and endpoint visibility features have been combined with Perch's connected cloud services, such as Office 365, Cisco Umbrella and Cisco AMP.

"MSPs have often had to piecemeal different solutions together -- switching vendors, wireless vendors, cloud security vendors -- in a not-so-simplistic way. What we are bringing to the table is a complete portfolio with Umbrella, [Cisco] Stealthwatch Cloud, and Duo," Inderhees said.

Many MSPs aren't able to stand up their own Security Operations Center (SOC) or hire a specific cybersecurity specialist. That's where Perch steps in.

Perch's own in-house SOC will also provide event correlation, alert review, and custom alert options for MSPs looking to start their own practice around managed security services, Aharon Chernin, CEO, Perch Security, told CRN. Perch can either work in partnership with MSPs or on their behalf.

"Downmarket, security tools don't exist and they're not built for the channel. MSPs are bereft of the options that enterprises have, so bringing MSPs a managed SOC and tools to look at logs is how Perch came to market," said Wes Spencer, chief information security officer for Perch.

Industry research firm Gartner predicts that the managed security services market will exceed $58 billion by 2024, representing one of the fastest-growing opportunities for MSPs. Helping MSPs earn more recurring revenue opportunities around security is a priority for both Cisco and Perch, the two companies said.

"We are empowering MSPs in the security space with our combined capabilities," Inderhees said. "This gives partners the opportunity to offer managed services cost-effectively to their customers and it becomes a differentiator and upsell opportunity for them."