Hear How Cambium Networks' Wi-Fi Technology Helped Save Thai Boys Trapped In Caves

As the world watched the harrowing cave rescue of 12 young boys and their soccer coach in Thailand this summer, Cambium Networks technology played a critical role in making sure communications were clear at the remote cave entrance.

Cambium's cnMaestro network management system and highly ruggedized cnPilot e500 outdoor access points delivered communications to Thai Navy Seals, rescue teams, various government agencies and the parents of the boys who were trapped inside the Tham Luang Nang Non cave for more than two weeks, said Judy McCall, enterprise channel sales leader, Central Region, for Cambium Networks, in an interview Monday with CRN at XChange 2018.

"Our equipment was really put to the test because it was a rugged area," McCall said. "We're very proud that we could help the Thai boys in a safe and successful rescue. What we did is we worked with one of our business partners in Thailand and we provided with their assistance the installation of our cnPilot e500 access points out of our WiFi line. The APs were placed at the entrance of the cave and also in the tents where all of the rescue people and the parents stayed while they were rescuing the boys."

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The vendor's wireless solutions allowed everybody to communicate with each other in the harsh weather environment near the cave where the boys were trapped, which included heavy humidity and rain.

"We provided those units there so everybody had a sense of communication. It was very easy to communicate from the beginning of the cave, all the way to the rescue tents," said McCall.

Cambium's gear enabled first responders and emergency teams to coordinate their plan and aid the people in need. All of the 12 'Wild Boars' soccer team members and their coach were eventually rescued on July 10, after 17 days of being trapped miles inside the cave.

"We believe in providing solutions that are ruggedized for people to connect people, places and things," said McCall.

Rolling Meadows, Ill.-based Cambium Networks specializes in providing an end-to-end wireless fabric of reliable and secure cloud-managed platforms that perform under demanding conditions.