How Cradlepoint Catapulted An Agent Into A Winning Business LTE, 5G Provider

Newly launched For2Fi has grown by about 300 percent year-over-year since entering the market and has surpassed expectations with the help of its partner, Cradlepoint, which is helping the firm tap into the business 5G and LTE space.


Business LTE provider For2Fi, a provider that spun out of a channel partner organization, is breaking into the largely untapped 5G and LTE market with the help of wireless edge networking specialist Cradlepoint.

For2Fi was born out of an idea that started at Fall River, Mass.-based ACE Consulting Group, a company that For2Fi’s CEO Andrew Gregoire (pictured left) also co-founded. For2Fi launched in April 2020 with a goal of filling a hole in the market when it came to business-focused LTE solutions.

For2Fi’s managed wireless LTE access is a fit for hard-to-reach businesses and those that need connectivity immediately. The company is making LTE connectivity a reality for primary use, not just as a backup option. For2Fi’s high-speed wireless services are being sold exclusively through the channel.

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For2Fi’s relationship with Cradlepoint has helped the firm grow by about 300 percent year over year since entering the market quietly in 2018. For2Fi has surpassed expectations within its first three years of business, despite officially launching in the midst of a global pandemic, Gregoire told CRN.

Gregoire began working with Cradlepoint on LTE solutions while still at ACE Consulting Group when he and his team noticed a need in the market for business wireless connectivity that wouldn‘t break the bank.

“Because of the way Cradlepoint nurtured our relationship in the beginning, that gave us the opportunity to maximize what they had and the flexibility to be able to grow into what For2Fi is today -- business has really taken off,” Gregoire said.

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For2Fi is using Cradlepoint’s LTE and 5G edge devices as part of its managed solution, which also includes carrier SIM cards with high amounts of data that businesses can use at a site. Ericsson, which owns Cradlepoint, is one of the largest providers of network 5G equipment. This gives Cradlepoint devices a big advantage over the competition, said For2Fi‘s executives.

Cradlepoint’s team is committed to helping For2Fi harness 5G for business use, a connectivity option that many solution provides haven’t yet embraced or fully understand the role it will play in the enterprise, Gregoire said.

“[Cradlepoint] has backed us up, given us the information, and certified us so we can really pass down that right message for the channel,” he said. “We can educate partners [on 5G] and make this happen.”

For2Fi‘s solution has also taken off as a remote connectivity option for executives who don’t want to compete with other users and applications on their home network, Gregoire said.

For2Fi sits in Cradlepoint’s service provider segment of its channel partner organization. “They take Cradlepoint, they wrap a managed service and offer it as a no-contract service for customers, which is making them very successful,” said Tony Puopolo, vice president of sales for Cradlepoint.

For2Fi supplies the data plans -- which can be changed mid-month if needed -- sources and configures the equipment on behalf of partners. The company also remotely monitor and manage devices while partners earn monthly recurring revenue on the service. Alternatively, For2Fi can co-manage customers alongside their partners. “Because we offer this as a month-to-month, managed service, LTE is a service that our partners are feeling comfortable selling because it takes all the ‘gotchas’ out of selling cellular,” said John Reed (pictured right), For2Fi’s COO.

Cradlepoint’s Netcloud Manager gives For2Fi a “solid” platform for managing and monitoring customer devices and connectivity, Reed said. “That’s been a huge help in helping us grow as fast as we have,” he said.

Having strong roots in the channel as partners themselves, Gregoire and Reed understood the importance of going all in and doing business strictly through the channel. The two executives are used to being in the partner “hot seat,” Gregoire said.

“We built this company knowing the emotions partners deal with when working with their customers,” he said. “We understand the importance of responsiveness, being easy to work with, and providing flexible solutions to accommodate complex issues.”