IntelePeer: CPaaS Is 'Not A Feature Set, It's A Toolkit'

‘CPaaS with us is not solving a single problem for a single vertical, it's meant to be more of a toolkit for customers,’ says Peter Neal, senior sales engineer for IntelePeer at Xchange 2020.

IntelePeer, which today specializes in communications platform-as-a-service (CPaaS), is helping partners embed communications solutions into their customers' workflows and earn more recurring revenue in the process.

CPaaS lets businesses add real-time communications features to their own applications without needing to build out any backend infrastructure. The addition of CPaaS can help businesses speed up operations and improve customer experience for their end customers. Best of all, solution providers don't need to be developers to do it, said George Varvarigos, regional director of channel sales for IntelePeer.

"Every communication mode means more revenue for channel partners," Varvarigos told an audience of solution providers at The Channel Company's Xchange 2020 in San Antonio. "In 2020, it's all about accessing different forms of communication using CPaaS."

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Telecomprehensive Solutions, an Anaheim Hills, Calif.-based solution provider, is focusing on digital transformation and automating processes for its end customers. The firm today is offering CPaaS to many of its clients, including a 79-location medical firm, an International electronics refurbishing firm, and a facilities management startup.

For one customer, implementing CPaaS brought call resolution down from 7.5 minutes to 16 seconds, said Brian Andersen, founder and CEO of Telecomprehensive Solutions, which is evaluating IntelePeer's technology.

"Instead of adding another 40 people, which is what they were expecting to have to do, they only had to add ten more people to that group," Andersen said.

Many customers are still unaware of the CPaaS solutions that are available to them today, Andersen said. "Many think these are enterprise-only opportunities and they come with an enterprise spend, and that's not necessarily the case anymore," he said. "I think IntelePeer's tools might be my first look moving forward."

San Mateo, Calif.-based IntelePeer, once known as a cloud communications provider and now a CPaaS specialist, offers a platform through its channel partners that lets enterprises communicate in multiple ways to their own target audience. The platform relies on IntelePeer's homegrown voice and communication solutions.

IntelePeer and its partners are uniquely positioned to help customers on their digital transformation journeys, said Peter Neal, senior sales engineer for IntelePeer.

"You're not getting a feature set with us," Neal said. "CPaaS with us is not solving a single problem for a single vertical, it's meant to be more of a toolkit for customers."